Xu Kai Crossdresses as a Woman For Once Upon a Time in Lingjian Mountain

xu kai cross dress
With Jang Dong Yoon’s transformation into a widow in the The Tale of Nokdu still fresh in everyone’s minds, we’ve got another actor Xu Kai who’s manly (or should I say womanly?) enough to take one for the entire male population.

xu kai cross dress
Starring as Wang Lu in a xianxia drama that is all sorts of slapstick, Once Upon A Time In Lingjian Mountain may not be everyone’s cup of tea but it sure brings on the theatrics with Xu Kai putting on the makeup and costume to crossdress for a role for the very first time. Honestly, Wang Lu or Wang Lulu in this case had too strong features to pass for a woman but the outcome is definitely a hoot! I personally think his side profile is pretty convincing though. 
xu kai cross dress
Xu Kai streamed a video of himself watching his alter ego in action and his reaction: major cringe!
xu kai cringe
He revealed that he was actually embarrassed at first since he was a straight guy pretending to be a girl but because it was needed for the show, he had to be professional about it. According to the actor, it was a big help that the drama’s ambiance was light and that the cast and crew have formed a good relationship so there weren’t much pressure on him. Him checking his girl version in the mirror afterwards and finding it pretty was an added bonus.
Though when asked how he would rate his transformation, he gave it a mere 2 out of 10 with the 2 points solely due to makeup. Xu Kai shared that women’s costumes were uncomfortable, tight and difficult to breathe in and adds that it’s hard to be a woman.
xu kai cross dress
Well, it was all good for the laughs, but I’m sure I speak on behalf of his fans when I say that I like him better as his manly self. 
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