The King’s Avatar Confirmed for Season 2, Cast Has Yet to be Revealed

It seems like The King’s Avatar 全职高手 isn’t giving me any breathing space because while I’m still cramming to finish it (stuck on episode 32), I just heard the news that it’s been confirmed to have a season two! Yay! 

The web drama is based on a novel of the same name which also spanned a very popular anime. Season 1 followed the story of a professional e-sports gamer, played by Yang Yang, who is so good that he’s considered as a god inside the game but due to personal reasons, he doesn’t want to be seen in public and refuses any promotional campaign which irks the management of his pro-team. Ye Xiu (known to the gaming arena as Ye Qiu) is then kicked out and starts working in an internet cafe where he meets new people and comes to form his own professional team. 
As a huge fan of the anime and having read parts of the novel, I can say that I’m definitely satisfied with the live action. I’ve seen my fair share of Chinese fantasy-themed shows that had cringe-worthy effects but The King’s Avatar does the novel and anime justice. 
Sticking to Ye Xiu’s character as someone who is focused on reclaiming his name in Glory and fulfilling his friend’s dream of creating the perfect weapon with little to no romance is what makes it unique from other shows falling under the same category so it’s really great that they did not change that fact. 
the king
If my assumptions are right, season 2 should be where the new chapter in the professional league takes place and like many fans, I’m hoping to see the original cast reunited again. Yes, even Maggie Jiang who plays Chen Guo. Gosh, her performance can go overboard that some viewers (including me!) find her a bit annoying. Lol!  Plus, if they are going to continue closing in the novel then there may be new characters to watch out for! 
As long as the season 2 will be as good as the previous one or even better, I’ll watch it! (Who am I kidding? If they bring Yang Yang back, I’ll CERTAINLY watch it!)
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