Song Ji Hyo and Her Four Leading Men Confirmed to Star in New Drama Did We Love

song ji hyo did we love
All the single ladies might just want to tune in to the new Korean drama in the making, Did We Love, to get some tips on how to get yourself a guy (or in this case, GUYS)! 

The drama has announced its cast to be led by longtime Running Man mainstay, Song Ji Hyo who plays a single mother with problems when it comes to her love life. But it’s not your typical dilemma since the lovely heroine finds her life disrupted when not one, not two, and nuh-uh, not even three, but four men enter her life. Wow, what kind of allure does she have? No Ae-Jung is a movie producer and dedicated mother who has been single for over a decade.
Go Back Couple star Song Ho Jun joins in as Oh Dae Oh, an indifferent writer with a cold demeanor and handsome visuals. Gosh, he’s a deadly combination no bookworms can resist. The Girl Who Sees Smells star Song Jong Ho will show his charms as up-and-coming actor Ryu Jin. Another man who falls for her beauty is Goo Pa Do, the appealing gangster-turned-CEO with a dangerous streak, to be played by Kim Min Joon. Last but not the least is The Secret Life of My Secretary star Koo Ja Sung as P.E. teacher Oh Yeon Woo who is popular with the students. 
While it’s certainly not the first of its kind, I still think it’s worth seeing. This actually reminds me of Cinderella and the Four Knights, adult version. Lol! I’ve seen all the leads in action except Koo Ja Sung and I can say that they’ve impressed me in their previous works with their impeccable performances. Also, I love how they made the female lead as a single mother instead of the cliche heroines we see on tv, yes it’s not unique but it surely is a trope worth exploring and only makes this show more relatable.
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