So Long, My Son Wins the Most Awards at the 32nd Golden Rooster Awards

so long, my son golden rooster awards
If you’ve seen the movie So Long, My Son, then you’re probably one of those who left feeling like an emotional wreck after it’s 3-hour long run. It proved to be another night to remember as the movie brought home three big awards at last night’s 32nd Golden Rooster Awards. Lead actors Wang Jingchun (Lost in 1949) and Yong Mei (A Little Reunion) took home the most coveted Best Actor and Best Actress awards while Ah Mei and writer-director Wang Xiaoshuai took home Best Screenplay.
Roy Wang Yuan (The Great Ruler) who plays their adoptive son in the movie didn’t let the night slip by without of course taking a snap with his onscreen parents and congratulating them like the proud son that he is. He then tagged them in a sweet and hopeful post on Weibo with the caption, “Congratulating dad and mom once again @WangJingchun @YongMei. Congratulations So Long, My Son!!! Thank you director Xiaoshuai for letting me participate in such a great project. Thank you dad and mom for handing the awards to me, but I know that there is still a long road ahead of me who just started on this road of acting, but I will remember this encouragement!!! Lastly, I wanted to say again – So Long, My Son is too good!” 

so long, my son golden rooster awards wang jingchun
so long, my son golden rooster awards yong mei
so long, my son golden rooster awards
So Long, My Son 地久天长 depicts a very raw, and intimate narrative of an ordinary Chinese couple and their friends as they cope through life after the wake of their only child’s death. In this film, we not only see the grief the parents had to go through, we also feel it through their emotions.
so long, my son
so long, my son
Other winners of the night are:

Best Director: Dante Lam for Operation Red Sea

dante lam operation red sea
Best Screenplay: Ah Mei and Wang Xiaoshuai for So Long, My Son
a mei wang xiaoshuai so long, my son
Best Picture: The Wandering Earth 
the wandering earth best picture
It doesn’t come as a surprise to see The Wandering Earth taking home the biggest award for the night. And apparently, preparations are underway for The Wandering Earth 2.
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