Roy Wang Speaks Out For Quality Education at the UN Headquarters

roy wang yuan
Being a celebrity sets you in a position to influence others whether you like it or not. It’s a tough job and Roy Wang Yuan is one of the idols I know to have shown in the past that he is definitely idol-worthy. Sure, the young teen had a bump in the road with his smoking scandal but that didn’t stop him from being vocal about his advocacy as a UNICEF ambassador. Actually, I think it only made him more determined. 

wang yuan UNICEF ambassador
Recently, the actor-singer took the stand again during a global summit held at United Nations Headquarters for World Children’s Day 2019 where he made an appeal to promote quality education all over the globe. Despite progress made to Children’s rights, it is still not enough because a vast number of children still do not have access to quality education. Through his voice, Roy Wang encourages everyone of all ages to pitch in any kind of effort to achieve their goal. 
wang yuan UNICEF ambassador
As part of the celebrations for World Children’s Day, he also witnessed the ceremonial lighting at the Empire State BuildingThere are few celebs I know that use their influence the right way so those who do so with such eloquence and maturity leave an impression on me. Way to go!

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