Relationship Going Strong for Luhan And Guan Xiaotong Who Are Spotted Together in Japan

luhan gao xiaotong
It feels like it’s been a while since I last heard anything about Luhan and Guan Xiaotong so this is a welcome sight. 

The two worked together in the romance drama Sweet Combat when their friendship blossom into something else as the couple revealed in 2017. But as with any dating news concerning a popular celeb, it wasn’t received that well, many fingers were pointed at Guan Xiaotong who bore the brunt of the hate. Gah, I remember feeling sorry for them since I’m well aware how fans can be selfish and overly protective when it comes to their idols sometimes. Even when they’re trying to keep it low-key, rumors still went abuzz around their love lives with speculations that the two broke up. Though the latest one I heard is that they’re getting married?
luhan guan xiaotong
Well, it looks like the naysayers have it wrong since recently, a netizen photographed the two as they were spotted on a date in a restaurant somewhere in Japan. The photo shows Luhan wearing tattered jeans and a sweatshirt while the beautiful Guan Xiaotong is sitting beside him in a gray blazer. 
guan xiaotong
The actress actually updated her social media account that day (Nov 9) wearing the same clothes. While it’s only Guan Xiatong that can be seen in the photo, the background is telling. I love that they get to quality time despite their busy schedules. So there you have it! A day out in the public is probably the best way to slam down whatever negative rumors. 
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