Max Zhang Excitedly Shares Details of Ada Choi’s Labour in a Vlog

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The stork made a recent delivery to celebrity couple Ada Choi and Max Zhang who just last week celebrated the arrival of their baby boy. And just like how they made their pregnancy announcement – via video, the tech savvy new dad made sure to immortalise the auspicious event with a vlog to remember the event for years to come. Thankfully for us, Max was in a particularly sharing mood today, uploading the short clip so that we too can experience the moments leading up to the birth as well as the moment their two girls met their younger brother.

Despite already having two older kids, it’s so cute to see Max super excitedly waiting for the family’s newest addition! I mean, his excitement is so palpable it’s practically jumping out of the screen! I particularly liked how affectionate he was to his wife and how hands-on he was with helping out Ada dry her hair in preparation for her month long confinement of no baths.
Spirits were high as the soon to be mum even joked (or maybe she was quite serious about it *lol*) “no more, this is our last child. I’m not giving birth to another!”.The two really had such a nice dynamic going on between them. Cue the scenes of a nervous daddy waiting outside the delivery room … time does indeed feel slow when you’re waiting for something! To daddy’s huge relief, baby didn’t let everyone wait for a long time and made his emergence into the world fairly quickly! 
” I have the greatest respect for mums ” says the actor, acknowledging how exhausting the delivery process was for his wife. He also advised his audience not to bother debating whether it’s daddy or mummy that’s more awesome because hands down it’s the mums that are the most extraordinary! Well said, Max, well said.
Congratulations again to the family of five and may their home radiate with more happiness than ever!
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