Love is Sweet Introduces Supporting Cast Joining Luo Yunxi, Bai Lu and Starts Filming

love is sweet
If you’re a fan of Luo Yunxi or Bai Lu, then you’ve probably heard that the two are headlining the workplace drama Love is Sweet 半是蜜糖半是伤! Dang, I’ve gotten so used to seeing Bai Lu with Xu Kai that writing her name next to another man feels a bit strange. Nonetheless, this looks like another swoon-worthy match.

love is sweet filming
As if the leads themselves aren’t already eye candies, the supporting cast are lookers too. First off is Gao Hanyu. Despite already leading dramas of his own, to me, he’ll still be the guy in The King’s Avatar who was one of my favorite characters, so forgive me if I’m a bit partial but I love his charisma. (Or maybe it’s just my love for bespectacled men talking.) 
love is sweet filming
Another leading man material joining the cast is Nine Kilometers of Love star Riley Wang. I freakin’ love this kid, he’s adorable and full of potential. I may have only seen Zhao Yuanyuan in When a Snail Falls in Love, but she definitely made an impression and rounding up the cast are An Weiling and Guan Zijing
Love is Sweet follows the story of two estranged childhood friends who find each other in their workplace but are now rivals. Filming has started on November 26, 2019. 
love is sweet supportign cast Gao Hanyu
love is sweet supportign cast Riley Wang
love is sweet supportign cast Zhao Yuanyuan
love is sweet supportign cast
love is sweet supportign cast
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