Liu Ruilin Flirts With Girl Online, Admits Breakup with Dai Si

liu ruilin dai si
Oh no. After confirming their romance a mere four months ago, it looks like Wayne Liu Ruilin and Daisy Dai Si‘s relationship has already gone sour. Having worked in four projects together, the pair had only gone public with their relationship after paparazzi caught them returning home together. But I guess Zi Lan and Yan Zhi were truly never meant to be.

Leaked chat transcripts were flitting about the social media sphere earlier today showing the actor engaging in flirtatious banter with an unknown girl. Like any sane person, the woman asked him about his relationship status with Dai Si to which he replied that they’ve already parted ways but that he doesn’t want to talk about it. 
liu ruilin
Now things like this transcript can be easily faked with the help of photo editing apps, so I’d normally take this with a grain of salt and brush it off. But what gave credence to the rumour was the fact that the actor himself issued a statement to personally apologise on his social media to the woman thereby also indirectly confirming the breakup. 
liu ruilin breakup
“I am so sorry, I have to apologise to everyone! I’m so very sorry! Since the end of October this year, I have not yet been able to adjust my emotions, my head is very confused, and I have done very inappropriate things. I apologize to the girl again here, because my personal affairs affected the public and I am especially sorry. I will reflect on it, and exercise more caution and maturity in the future.”
How this latest misstep will affect Wayne’s bankability for future projects we’ve yet to find out but I feel especially bad for Dai Si with the way their breakup was “outed” to the public. Hopefully, she’ll be kept busy with more projects coming in.
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