Jiang Jinfu Denies Domestic Violence Allegations Through Lawyers, His Ex Fires Back Through Social Media

After his ex-girlfriend accused him of domestic violence, Jiang Jinfu has responded with a letter from his lawyers at Beijing Dachi Law Firm on November 27 to deny every allegation. However, his ex-girlfriend has also fired back with another IG story. 
Jiang Jinfu’s lawyers state that during the time when Jiang Jinfu and his girlfriend were dating, there was no abuse, he never limited her personal freedom nor tried to control her spending and he did not insult or threaten his parents. They further state that Jiang Jinfu and his ex kept contact as friends even after they broke up at the end of August. They ask that Julieta retract what she said and apologize publicly to Jiang Jinfu. They also ask for the media and netizens to refrain from spreading untrue statements that infringe on Jiang Jinfu’s reputation as they reserve the right to take legal action. 
Jiang Jinfu personally took to Weibo to say that if he did it, he’d admit it. Since he didn’t do it, he didn’t want to take the fall. He really doesn’t want to explain things in the past and in the present any longer because it is too difficult. He also pleads with everyone to let his family and friends be. 

Jiang Jinfu’s ex-girlfriend Julieta Benavid took to Instagram once again to reveal a photo of her bruised arm and another statement. “I’ve had bruises such as these on my arms and legs in many occasions. This was taken at Changsha airport on the day I left. These bruises were caused by Jiang Jinfu when he went crazy while driving and said that he’d crash the car. He squeezed my neck and arms and left bruises…” She added that the photo is not the only bruise from his beating but because he has control of her cellphone, it was difficult for her to save photos. 
She explained that she was able to save some photos after sending it to a friend and had to delete the copies from her own phone because he would hit her harder if he found out. Finally, she said that she won’t benefit from accusing Jiang Jinfu, that she doesn’t want money and didn’t pass her story to the media. She said that she simply didn’t want to let the next girl get hurt like she got hurt. 
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