It’s a Wrap for The Moon Bright For You Stars Yu Menglong and Xing Fei

The Moon Bright For You wrap
It’s a time to relax and take some day off for Alan Yu Menglong (The Legend of White Snake) and Xing Fei (Put Your Head on My Shoulder). Last week, the cast and crew of The Moon Bright For You 明月曾照江东寒 wrapped up filming for their drama after three months. 

Call it a coincidence, but we recently wrote about Xing Fei’s co-star Lin Yi headlining his first fantasy drama and soon after, what do you know?  *Ehem Ehem* Put Your Head on My Shoulders shippers out there, I hope you’re taking notes. *wink wink* 
Like a lot of wuxia dramas (if not most), The Moon Bright for You which is based on a novel of the same name by author Ding Mo 丁墨 follows the life of two characters, Lin Fang and Zhan Qinghong as they overcome various adversities in order to become masters of the martial arts world. 
The Moon Bright For You wrap
With Alan Yu’s track record in costume dramas, it comes as no surprise to be seeing him again in the genre. But for the cutie Xing Fei who is just starting out, I wonder how she’ll look like as a badass female lead. 
The Moon Bright For You wrap
Other cast members joining them are Merxat Mi Re (Legend of Yun Xi) who is sadly still the second lead (or villain?) and Zheng Fanxing whom you probably first saw in The Untamed and also in its movie spin-off The Living Dead that came out earlier this month. 
The Moon Bright For You wrap
The Moon Bright For You wrap
The Moon Bright For You wrap
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