Huang Zitao Quits Weibo After Receiving Backlash In A Personal Post

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With late autumn upon us, there’s something about the season’s melancholic beauty that inspires many of us to take a quiet look inwards and reflect on our achievements and our lives. Huang Zitao must have found himself in this introspective mood yesterday evening when he shared a short personal message about his disappointments regarding his singing career – “after so many years of pouring myself into my music, not one song has touched other people aside from my fans. I have really lost my motivation, I’ll just be a xizi (子 – a derogatory term for actor) then”. He also reveals that “after years of giving myself fully into my music, not a song has made it outside of the fandom. I feel sorry for myself.” 

Some netizens weren’t too happy about what he said, so despite it being an early morning post (1:47 am), the singer-actor got some backlash for his choice of words
huang zitao quits weibo
Well, Huang Zitao says he’s had enough. In his last post on Weibo, the singer-actor said  “I do not know who deleted my Weibo post, but I’m not going to take back anything I said. I’ve had enough of seeing my posts deleted the next day when I’ve said nothing wrong. I love music, I love being an actor. These are all part and parcel of the life and the work that I love. I am confident in my music, but there will always be times when I am disappointed in myself. I am hopeful that each song I put out will only get better and better. Just because I casually posted what I’m currently feeling and that I feel sorry for myself, it’s now an issue? I’m an actor and just because I said I’m a xizi (子), there’s now an issue? You don’t think I know the word for “actor”? Did I mention any actors or insult anybody with my sarcasm?
Those of you who are prejudiced against me and who’ve never even seen or listened to my work, I’ll thank you to not bother coming into my Weibo page. I wish you all the happiness. In the future, I will stop posting personal things on this account. This will just be a page for advertising, marketing, trending topics, and just overall fakeness and promotions that’s not suitable for me. I quit. This will be my last personal post here on Weibo. This just isn’t the venue or place to share my personal feelings and thoughts.”
Social media can be a good thing as it gives us fans an unedited and intimate glimpse into our favourite stars and celeb’s daily lives and thoughts. But the other side of the coin shows that it too can be toxic when people get too judgmental, intrusive and sometimes downright nasty. Thankfully though, Huang Zitao’s fans got his back with many of his supporters posting words of encouragement for the actor.
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