Hu Ge’s Physical Transformation for His Movie Wild Goose Lake

hu ge
Actor Hu Geinadvertently found himself trending on Chinese social media after his movie The Wild Goose Lake released new posters of him sporting an impressive set of abs. Who knew right? *picks jaw off the ground*

Now we all know about the body transformations stars go through for a role. While Hu Ge’s transformation is nowhere near a Christ Pratt-esque bulk up for Guardians of the Galaxy, his dedication to transformhis body for his craft is still impressive!
hu ge
As part of the official selection of films competing for the prestigious Palme d’Or at the 2019 Festival de Cannes, the gritty crime film marks Hu Ge’s advancement to leading man status in a movie. Now he’s never been shy of picking projects well out of his comfort zone so it’s fair to say that we can all expect to see another facet of Hu Ge in this flick. He is, after all playing an experienced fighter slash mobster on the run from the law and from rival groups out for his blood. We can definitely throw out that image of a well coiffed Hu Ge out the window and in its stead replace it with a haggard version of a man running for his life in the titular Wild Goose Lake.
hu ge
The Wild Goose Lake opens December 6th in China.
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