Hu Ge’s Angry Run-In With Photographers At The Airport

hu ge
It seems enterprising paparazzi and dai pais (代拍s) have already caught on that the airport is the best place to snap up some photos of everyone’s favourite buzz worthy stars. After Xiao Zhan’s flight delay fiasco last month apparently caused by dai pais blocking the star and his team from entering the plane, the latest A-lister to have an altercation with the dai pais is none other than Hu Ge. The actor seems to be getting a lot of mentions on social media recently in the lead up to the premiere of his latest project, The Wild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会. Everyone just wants a piece of him!

From netizen’s posts of the actor at the Beijing airport, a visibily upset Hu Ge can be seen angrily shouting “I will say it again, don’t take anymore pictures!” and pointing his finger at what I’m assuming to be dai pais attempting to snap up some photos of him to be sold to his fans. Looking at him it’s quite obvious that he doesn’t want to be recognized during his down time – the dark hat, dark sunglasses, long green overcoat doesn’t exactly scream look at me now does it.  Hu Ge is usually quite low key and even tempered so I reckon he must really be super upset to be on the receiving end of unwanted pictures which will then be sold off to his fans. Meh, let’s give him some breathing space to relax on his down time yeah, after all if the shoe were on the other foot, you wouldn’t wanna have your face sold off to your fans in your private time don’t you? Most especially if you’re having a crappy and off day at the moment!
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