Hu Ge Doesn’t Want Fans to Spend More Money On His Behalf

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It’s fair to say that my respect for actor Hu Ge bumped up a notch when he recently dissuaded his fans from spending money on his behalf to support his newest film TheWild Goose Lake 南方车站的聚会 all for the sake of ying yuan (应援). 
Now it’s not uncommon for fans to get together and try to do something nice (ying yuan) as a show of encouragement for their idols. Just like other fandoms, some of Hu Ge’s fans were trying to raise money amongst themselves to buy enough tickets and reserve the theatre on Wild Goose Lake’s premiere day so that other Hu Ge fans can watch it for free with no other intention but to express their support and love for the actor’s new film. Of course, the increase in box office numbers is an added bonus.
While he is deeply thankful for the enthusiastic response from his followers, the actor said that he has always discouraged such action from his fans. That’s not to say that Hu Ge has grown too big for his boots and doesn’t need any help. Fans going out to the cinema to watch with friends is something that he is extremely thankful for. It’s just that he doesn’t want his fans to be spending any more money doing extra things on his behalf. The actor also mentions that as an artist, he wants the film to be able to speak for itself and not to be valued just for its ability to rake in “false” profits in the box office.

wild goose lake
He said that because the film is important to him, and because he has every respect for the acting profession and the art of film making, he doesn’t want to use “special methods” to make the flick a box-office success. It is the responsibility of the actors, the writers and the director to ensure the success of the film. “To win is indeed glorious, but there is nothing shameful in losing”. Hu Ge totally wins cool points in my estimation!
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