Has Cupid’s Arrow Finally Found Its Mark On Joe Chen?

meeting mr right joe chen
Has actress Joe Chen finally found her Mr. Right? After a few failed relationships and being single for a while, the actress finally decided to go down the reality dating route and signed up as a season regular for Meeting Mr. Right 2. As the only single participant of the show, the show started with Joe meeting Malaysian painter Alan Chen, with whom she’s paired up to go on dates with for the entire duration of the program. After going on some promising dates and even vacationing together in Langkawi, we’re finally down to the finale. So did they or didn’t they make their relationship official?

Well, they did! Taking a page out of Sleepless in Seattle where Sam and Annie meet at the Empire State Building, the pair agreed to meet up in the middle of a long bridge. Prior to stepping out, you can totally feel Joe’s anxiety – this is after the first time she’s being completely vulnerable in front of audiences “I’ve never shown my relationships in the public eye before. But because I’ve already put myself out there, I’ll follow my heart and push forward with each step”. Joe then wipes off her tears, gathers herself and resolutely starts walking towards their designated meeting place. 
meeting mr right joe chen
After a long nail biting moment for all, lo and behold it turns out there’s nothing to be worried about because Alan was already there waiting for her with his hands behind his back holding a bouquet of flowers for Joe. I can’t imagine the anxiety Joe must be feeling at that point but she was already very red faced and teary eyed when Alan stepped forward to give her a long hug. He then pushes her hair off her face and says “let’s be together”, which was met with an emphatic YES from Joe.  In the words of a teary eyed Joe (and her dad too), “love didn’t give up on me”. 
meeting mr right joe chen
What do you guys think? Is it love or is it all just a marketing ploy?  Amongst all the couples that appeared in the show, I was most excited for Joe and Alan. But to be honest I’m not quite sold on it though .. it just seems too neatly wrapped up with a bow in time for the show’s finale.  Whatever the case, I’m really rooting for Joe on this one and I’m crossing my fingers that she finally finds her happiness.
meeting mr right joe chen
meeting mr right joe chen
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