Gorgeous Mums Zhao Liying and Liu Shishi Dazzle in Their Red Carpet Looks

zhao liying liu shishi
Proving that they’re indeed back with a vengeance from their long hiatuses are Zanilia Zhao Liying and Cecilia Liu Shishi who both became new mums this year and return with new projects and crowd-drawing appearances. 

Zhao Liying stunned tonight at a Dior Lady Art event. An ambassador for the French luxury brand, she is back in fighting form, fairly sparkling in a low cut glittery periwinkle printed dress and a fashion forward high pony while posing with her limited edition purse. What do you guys think of her look? Personally, I’m not too keen about the stripey purse she’s carrying since it throws off her look IMHO, but you can’t deny that Zhao Liying was totally “bringing it”!
zhao liying
zhao liying
Zhao Liying has been spotted all around town these days, appearing in brand endorsements and fashion publications while also diligently filming for her drama Legend of Fei with Wang Yibo and in the near future another confirmed production with director Zheng Xiaolong. It’s great to see the new mama hit the ground running after being away for so long from the industry.
zhao liying
liu shishi


Meanwhile, new mum Liu Shishi also caught all eyes as she swanned about (geddit?) at the star-studded Valentino show in a white feathery frock that barely grazed her knees.  Now normally, the short white feathery frock might be bordering on the iconic Bjork swan dress the singer wore for the 2001 Oscars, but given Shishi’s height combined with her soft minimal makeup, the look somehow works for her. Liu Shishi has started filming her comeback drama To Dear Myself with Zhu Yilong as her leading man. 
liu shishi
liu shishi
Looking forward to seeing more of these two pretty mums!

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