Goo Hara’s Brother Reveals an Emotional Conversation He Had with Her

goo hara
It’s been a few days since Goo Hara‘s sudden death but I still can’t wrap my head around it. It isn’t even that long since her close friend, Sulli, died and now I can’t believe she’s gone too. Many of Goo Hara’s friends in show business had set aside their activities to show final respects for the singer-actress and pay tribute to her. Right now, I’m really concerned for the friends she left behind, especially Kim Heechul because he’s made his Instagram account private following her passing.

Recently, her big brother revealed one of their last conversations where he was reminding the former KARA member to not think of any negative thoughts. I’m not gonna lie, I cried while reading their exchange because you can just feel how worried her older brother was for her. He even reminded her to take care of herself so she can have a family of her own in the future. Because of the context of the messages, netizens suspected that this was after Sulli’s passing. According to Koreaboo, the conversation reads:
Hara’s brother: “I’m begging you… Please don’t have any negative thoughts, don’t get sick, take care of your health, and sometime in the future, I hope you get married, have children, and live for a very long time… When you’re sad, cry it all out… I know it’s hard to let it all out, but… I love you, little sister.” 
Hara: “I love you, Oppa. Don’t worry.” 
Hara’s brother: “You must be sad. My heart aches like crazy. Go and eat something delicious while you are at Japan. I’ll bring you some tasty treats tomorrow.” 
It’s an open secret that Korean idols are going through some serious pressure and training to make it to the top but with all these deaths, I hope they won’t turn a blind eye anymore. 
To Goo Hara, I hope you’ve finally found your peace.
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