Godfrey Gao Dies of Cardiac Arrest After Collapsing While Filming for the Variety Show Chase Me

It seems November isn’t looking so bright for us as another gem has once again been taken from us. Canadian-Taiwanese actor Godfrey Gao who is probably best known to many for his role as Magnus Bane in the Hollywood film The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones has died after collapsing while filming on the set of the variety show Chase Me 追我吧

Chase Me is a very intensive program focused on physical activities (much like American Ninja Warrior) with lots of extreme stunts that are mainly done in the middle of the night. Celebrities are divided into teams and required to complete tasks in an allotted time. News of the incident first broke online due to posts by onlookers on set. Godfrey had been running when he suddenly collapsed on the floor and went unconscious. Celebrities who were on the set included Calvin Chen who rushed to the actor’s side. Godfrey was then rushed to the hospital where he passed away. 
Chase Me has also released an official statement, “On November 27 while filming for the 9th episode of ‘Chase Me’, Godfrey Gao who participated as a guest on the show slowed down and collapsed while running, medical personnel on set immediately started treatment and rushed him to the hospital. After more than two hours of emergency measures, the hospital has pronounced Godfrey Gao’s passing due to sudden cardiac death. We are extremely sad and pained. After the accident, the show’s team and his management team have stayed by his side, the show’s team is working with his management team to reach out to his family for the funeral arrangements.” 
Chase Me is now facing a lot of backlash due to the extreme lengths their program puts untrained celebrities through and alleged lack of safety measures. I can’t believe that this is happening. That with all the deaths that have recently been happening in K-ent, I really thought it would end there. Godfrey Gao’s last IG post was of him at a charity gala in Kuala Lumpur 6 days ago. He posted pictures of himself in a tux and raised glass as he attended an auction for the benefit of unprivileged kids all over the world. What captivated me more than his handsome and dashing looks was the beautiful smile that was clearly seen on his face. If I could turn back time and have him smile like that again, I would. 
For all of Godfrey’s family, friends and fans, my prayer goes out to you. Please stay strong. Rest in peace, dear Godfrey. You will be utterly missed. 
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