Crystal Liu’s No Makeup Look as She Watched Frozen 2 Trends

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, Crystal Liu Yifei truly deserves to be called a fairy sister! The casually low-key actress makes headlines once again after posting pictures from her day out with friends to watch the newly released Frozen 2

Standing beside the film’s poster, I could say that she’s in the same league with the two fictional leads Elsa and Anna! Fans praised the actress for her boldness to go almost barefaced with no hints of makeup except for her lips. Hmm, given that she’s going to be appearing in the big screens as Mulan next year, is this her checking out her competition? Just kidding! She’s a real life Disney princess anyhow.
I was one of those who watched Frozen 2 as soon as it premiered and I gotta say, I’m not surprised why it’s doing so well across the globe. In fact, it made its strongest opening ever for a Disney animated movie in China. Wowza!
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