Chinese Stars Steer Clear from the Center at the BAZAAR Stars’ Charity Night Group Photo

It’s all glitz and glamour for some of China’s biggest stars at the annual 2019 BAZAAR Stars’ Charity Night held on Nov. 16. The stars arrived in their best outfits, some performed, some unexpected reunions drew cheer, but what went on the #1 hot search on Weibo was something that happened at the end of the night. 

Liu Tao
For the mandatory group shot, no one wanted to be front and center to take what the industry refers to as C-wei (C-位), also known as the best spot. The stars avoided it so much that despite the hosts’ attempts to convince them to scoot to the middle, nobody wanted to move until the hosts started calling folks by name starting with the Rocket Girls and UNINE boys in the back who were asked if they wouldn’t mind sitting in front. 
Rocket Girls
While it’s funny in a way to see how they’re being extra considerate, it’s quite telling for a culture where one wrong move in a group picture could cost you your career. Seeing that no one wants to risk being scolded for standing where they shouldn’t, perhaps it’s better safe than sorry, right? 
Liu Yuning
Victoria Song
They obviously succeeded in getting the money shot that had everyone in it. If I had to choose my favorite outfit, it’s Angelababy in her Giambattista Valli Couture. She looked absolutely angelic. Without further ado, here are some photos of the attendees. 
Guan Xiaotong
shu qi
Shu Qi
rosamund kwan
Rosamund Kwan
Ni Ni
Ou Hao
qin lan
Qin Lan
Yao Chen
Zhang Dada
jing tian
Jing Tian
Liu Shishi
Zhao Liying
Yang Zi
Xiao Zhan
Zhou Dongyu
Zhong Chuxi
Jane Zhang
Zhang Bichen
Wang Ju
Lareina Song Zu’er
Qi Wei
Jelly Lin Yun
Lei Jiayin
Gulnezer Bextiyar
Dylan Xiong
Cheney Chen Xuedong
Arthur Chen Feiyu
Jeffrey Tung
Yuan Shanshan
Xin Zhilei
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