Chinese Stars Enjoy the First Snow of the Year

first snow huang xiaoming
Huang Xiaoming
It’s the time of the year again where the smell of hot chocolate fills the air as the first snow finally lands on Beijing where snow is very sporadic. As if weekends aren’t already popular enough, it was made more special when the city officially welcomed the winter season last Friday. 

Locals and tourists were out and about despite the cold weather to enjoy the icy breeze. Even some of our favorite Chinese stars did not let the moment pass and took some precious time off their busy scheds to see the blankets of white laying outside their homes. 
 first snow wang luodan
Wang Luodan
 first snow wang luodan
xin zhilei first snow
Xin Zhilei
xiao zhan  first snow
Xiao Zhan
It’s fun to see the beautiful shots. Hmm, I guess the cold didn’t bother them, anyway? *smirks*

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