Chen Kun and Ni Ni Squash Dating Rumors to Reveal That They’re New Neighbors

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The latest in the rumor mill has put The Rise of Phoenixes stars Chen Kun and Ni Ni in the spotlight over dating rumors that started because of a clip going around the internet that showed the actress out with Shu Qi and other companions at night. After the two ladies bid their goodbyes, Ni Ni and her assistant went inside a car belonging to (surprise, surprise!) Chen Kun. Ni Ni was reportedly seen getting off in front of the actor’s house AND going inside. 

the rise of the phoenixes behind the scenes
Well, sorry to shatter your dreams but Chen Kun and Ni Ni were quick to debunk any dating rumors. Chen Kun took to weibo to say that they are neighbors now with more opportunities to gather, eat and drink like brother and sister. Ni Ni relayed a similar message in saying that they are not lovers but friends that treat each other like brothers and sisters and they were together for a housewarming. 
the rise of the phoenixes behind the scenes
the rise of the phoenixes behind the scenes
Well, looking at the bright side, at least they did not let anyone’s hope up and quickly addressed the gossip. Contrary to the heavier themes of The Rise of the Phoenixes, the two seem to have had a blast while filming plus I think fans would be happy to know that they maintained the friendship they forged during their show. 
the rise of the phoenixes behind the scenes
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