Angelababy Greets Husband Huang Xiaoming on His Birthday Amidst Break-up Rumors

angelababy huang xiaoming
Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming photos from 2017
Being a celebrity couple must be tough. If you try to keep the relationship low-profile, people suspect and next thing you know, everyone is talking about divorce rumors!

angelababy huang xiaoming
The same can be said for Huang Xiaoming and his beautiful wife Angelababy. But as if to silently answer claims by netizens that the couple are having a problem, Angelababy dropped a greeting for Huang Xiaoming as the actor celebrates his 41st birthday today (Nov 13)! He even replied saying “thank you, wife.” I don’t know with you guys but it doesn’t sound like they’re going through something for me. Naturally, it made their names the objects of attention once more. 
angelababy huang xiaoming
Since their marriage last 2015, there has been a constant concern from gossip mongers who say that the married couple have separated mostly because there have been little to no interaction between the two on their social media accounts or even publicly. And though they have addressed it already, denying that their marriage is on-the-rocks, the rumor once again resurfaced a couple of months ago during the CCTV Gala show where it’s said that they’ve arrived separately. 
The public also made an issue out of Angelababy not wearing her wedding ring. But the actress has mentioned in the past that she’s not actually bothered by the rumors which is good I guess, as long as it’s not harming them then it’s better to just shrug it off.
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huang xiaoming angelababy
And besides, Angelababy’s been greeting her hubby Huang Xiaoming for three years in a row now so I’m sure if they’re having some marital problems she wouldn’t continue the tradition, watcha think?  Anyway, we wish Huang Xiaoming a happy birthday and hope he gets to celebrate it with his family!
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