Zhou Dongyu Had to Hide Under Wigs For Half a Year

zhou dongyu
Last year, as preparation for her movie Better Days, Zhou Dongyu took up the challenge of shaving her head. To drastically change one’s hairstyle may be nerve-wracking for some, but Zhou Dongyu reveals that she was used to having a buzz cut until she was about six because her mom thought it was efficient. She’s personally fine with it since it saves on water and saves on time, but she did have to face a new problem after the haircut.  

zhou dongyu
zhou dongyu better days buzz cut
If you don’t even remember ever seeing her without hair, it’s because the actress actually kept it under wraps by putting on wigs and hats for half a year! She had to keep it secret for the movie until her character’s look was first revealed in postersHence, she was often seen wearing a black wig with delicate layers and a cap or beanie. Very stylish.
zhou dongyu
I like her fashion choices, the twenty-something actress has very youthful vibes and I’m digging it. If only I have the guts do that – even cutting it as short as her wig above sounds daunting to me. 
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