Zheng Shuang Bursts Into Tears Whilst Preparing for Her Birthday Concert

zheng shuang birthday concert
Birthdays should generally be happy occasions but I guess it wasn’t as happy as it could be for actress Zheng Shuang.  Back in August, the twenty eight year old was busily preparing for her birthday concert to thank her fans for their support for the 10 years that she’s been in the industry – quite sweet of her really. In a recent episode of Meeting Mr Right, it was revealed that the actress was also in the midst of filming segments for the program with boyfriend Zhang Heng at the time when she quietly broke down in tears while on the show. The poor dear, the stress and anxiety of preparing for the birthday concert seems to have finally caught up with her. 

Or could it very well be because in the lead up to her having a cry, bf Zhang Heng wasn’t exactly as supportive as you’d hope your partner to be when faced with a daunting task. Netizens and the show’s host have been pointing out that Zhang Heng’s response to her concerns seems out of touch and insensitive especially when you know your girlfriend is under a lot of pressure and just needs some encouragement. At one point he even indifferently told her to “go practice, you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

Zheng Shuang’s birthday concert August 2019


Putting out a birthday production is not a piece of cake since every little detail needs to be ironed out. It’s no wonder then the poor gal is left feeling overwhelmed at times. Surely, a little bit of support from her significant other and encouragement to cheer her on will be much appreciated. Truth of the matter is, sometimes gals don’t need you to solve their problems. All that’s needed is some encouragement, understanding and a little bit of TLC! 

Even “Zheng Dad” Zheng Chenghua posted some words of wisdom for his daughter on social media  “Doing something well really requires your own effort as well as some help and understanding from your family, and the support of your friends! Let the world be full of sunshine and harmony.”.

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