Zhang Yixing Parts Ways With Easy Entertainment

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Parting ways with someone who helped you in your career can never be easy. Such might be the case for Lay Zhang Yixing and his agency, Easy Entertainment, which have officially parted ways. 

It was September of 2018 when the two formed a partnership gearing towards the singer-actor’s career advancement. The agency has a number of artists from Bai Yu to Mark Chao managed by Yang Tianzhen. While talent managers are mostly in the background and hardly seen in public, Yang Tianzhen begs to differ. She has a strong presence, appears on TV and has a very controversial image.
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Today, Zhang Yixing’s studio released an official statement saying that because of Yang Tianzhen’s health condition, they’ve reached the decision to end their partnership. From now on, Zhang Yixing’s work related matters will be managed independently by Zhang Yixing Studio. 
Yang Tianzhen also shared that Zhang Yixing and her actually came to a mutual decision after a long talk on October 7 which also happened to be Yixing’s birthday. She sang nothing but praises for Zhang Yixing whom she said is an outstanding artist and the best partner that a manager can hope for. 
In her career of 14 years, Zhang Yixing was the busiest artist she has ever met. His enormous workload is also why she experienced the busiest year of her life. Her treatment for diabetes requires long-term stability, but Yang Tianzhen could not follow her doctor’s orders due to work reasons. She adds that Yixing needs someone who can physically and emotionally invest everything into being his manager. She says that there are many things about her work that she’s not satisfied with but she knows very well that she does not have the ability nor energy to make changes. She thanked Zhang Yixing for putting his trust in their agency.
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Looking back, Zhang Yixing updated his social media on the day of his birthday with the caption, “New Beginnings.” Could it have been a heads up? Anyway, the singer-actor responded to Yang Tianzhen on Weibo and thanked her for everything she has done for him whilst reminding her to take care of herself. 
Aww, I appreciate how professional and amicably this went. I wish for Yang Tianzhen’s health to improve and like most of his fans, I’m looking forward to Zhang Yixing’s future works. 
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