Zhang Xinyi’s Weight Loss Strategy for Shedding the Baby Weight

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Zhang Xinyi and husband Yuan Hong have a new show together but it’s nowhere near a Princess Jieyou sequel. Catch the pair as they appear in their newest collaboration, Men Doing Housework 做家的男人 to get a glimpse of their home life as a married celebrity couple and as new parents. 

For observant viewers, Zhang Xinyi is indeed boasting a slimmer frame in the show and admits to having lost 20 pounds in a bet with her husband. “Yes, I bet Yuan Hong in our show Men Doing Housework that I’ll drop down from 65kg to 55kg in half a month. I lost by only 0.9kg” writes the actress on her social media. Uh, I hardly think she was the “loser” at this point, having *almost* successfully trimmed down to her goal of 55kg is nothing to scoff at!
zhang xinyi weight lost post pregnancy
In the past, Zhang Xinyi was the recipient of some nasty comments about her post partum body after being photographed in a day out with some friends. To these comments, the actress admitted that losing all the baby weight was the least of her concerns since she was busy breastfeeding her son and not getting any sleep at all! Well her recent weight loss is definitely a slap in the face to her critics.
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For people who are keen to know her weight loss secret, the actress says that it just boils down to following a few rudimentary things like avoiding carbs, sugar and any high calorie foods. Exercise is of course crucial as well as getting a good night’s sleep says the actress. Zhang Xinyi also revealed that she had to turn down a “fat girl” role once when she was still packing on the post baby weight. She said that it’s not a matter of her not able to play a heavier person but because she mentally had her limits.  “I would rather gain the weight to play a heavier character than to be offered a role just because I’m chubby. So, I am back!” she adds.
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