Zhang Tianai Opens Up About Being Bullied in the Past Much Like Shan Cai in Meteor Garden

crystal zhang tianai
Behind the glitz and glamor of stardom, you never know the real story behind a person. Since her breakthrough role in the web drama Go Princess Goactress Crystal Zhang Tianai has now come a long way from where she started. In a recent episode from the reality show Battle Body 哎呀好身材, Zhang Tianai opens up about how she used to be bullied by the kids at a private school that she attended in the past.

When Zhang Tianai was young, she lived in a rural area where life was very poor. Her parents wanted to change their fate and leave poverty behind, so they enrolled her to the most expensive school in Harbin at that time. She likened the private school to the one in Meteor Garden, and likened herself to Shan Cai—the lead girl in the drama who was bullied because of her low status. The money her parents earned from business in a year was not even enough to pay for her tuition. 
Zhang Tianai reminisced about her first day in school. When she wanted to use the restroom, she would raised her hand using the colloquial term go outside (出外头) to say that she needs to go. She didn’t know the formal term for saying that she wanted to go to the bathroom (上厕所) and was mocked and ridiculed by her classmates. 
crystal zhang tianai
She also felt that everything—the people, the environment, the things around her—were all so unfamiliar. During those years in school, she slowly changed and improved herself. Even when she would go home, she would never tell her family about her hardships at school. 
As she received the script for her character in the drama Young and Beautiful where she plays a girl from the provinces who goes to the city to pursue her dreams, Zhang Tianai suddenly remembered the days when her whole family would share a bed. Now that she’s an actress, she puts herself in a mindset where if she really believes that she can fit herself into a particular role then she can become that person. From then on, she tries to give her best in every role.
Personally, I’m proud of how Zhang Tianai. Despite all the hardships, she works hard to be the best version of herself. Wishing her more success in the future! She deserves it.
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