Zhang Mingen and Xu Lu On The Pressures Celebrity Couples Face While Dating Openly

zhang mingen xu lu
As much as celebrities want to keep their dating life a secret from the world, keeping a celebrity relationship hush hush these days is next to impossible. But that doesn’t stop many from trying, I mean, most aspects of their lives are pretty much considered public fodder, so you’ll understand why they would want to keep what little they can under the radar. For those going public though, the challenges can be substantial. Take Xu Lu and Zhang Mingenfor example, who went public with their relationship earlier this summer

zhang mingen xu lu meeting mr right
In a recent episode of Meeting Mr. Right (remember the poster above and the tagline the two used to out their connection?), Zhang Mingen candidly answered Xu Lu’s questions on whether he felt pressured about their reveal. She teasingly asked, “Did you lose fans?” to which he laughed and admitted that yes, he definitely lost fans. 
For the actor though, he said that he only wants to live his life openly like ordinary couples. But the most important thing he says, is for him to make that commitment to his girlfriend and reassure her that she’ll be the one standing next to him no matter what. Okay, since this is a show, this could very well be scripted, but it’s undeniably an “awww” inducing sweet moment as even Xu Lu couldn’t help get teary!
Any celebrity open about his/her relationship will probably face the same problem of losing fans. But at the end of the day, they’re human just like the rest of us and deserve to be happy too.
zhang mingen xu lu
zhang mingen xu lu
zhang mingen xu lu
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