Xie Na Blasts Online Hate and Cyber Bullying

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Living in the digital age is for the most part a boon, but the darker side to having the world at your fingertips is that we’re also living in a time when no one is immune to cyber cruelty. Be you an ordinary person, an average Joe or a celebrity, the thoughtless and callous words from trolls can come at a high cost. And being a celeb doesn’t actually make you immune to this menace, if anything else being famous can actually make you even more of a target for cyber bullies. 

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With internet trolls fast on the rise, it’s good to see celebrities using their fame to draw attention to the problem. The latest celebrity to voice out her condemnation to this rising menace is Happy Camp show host Xie Na who herself was a victim of malicious rumours not so long ago. Remember when people accused her husband Jason Zhang Jie of having an alleged affair with singer Zhang Bichen and that the tv host wanted a divorce because of it? Xie Na brought up this issue again whilst appearing in the program Only 3 Days 仅三天可见 if only to drive home the fact that damaging Zhang Bichen’s reputation was a vicious thing to do and to show her full support of her showbiz sister. The star also admitted that she herself is no stranger to being bashed by netizens who find her hosting abilities on Happy Camp lacking, adding that “lambasting my hosting as crappy and me as being uncultured is fine”, but they better not hurt my family or my friends! 
xie na
Xie Na with husband Jason Zhang Jie – 8 years of love and still going strong.
Reading this once again brings to mind the sudden suicide of Sulli that took many of us by surprise. Prior to her death earlier this month, the singer-actress was said to be suffering from depression and has spoken out in the past about the nasty online comments artists had to face. 
It doesn’t take much to be kind. You never know when the shoe will be on the other foot and you become a victim yourself. Spread positivity and kindness – the world has enough bad vibes going around already. #stoponlinebullying
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