Win the World to Start Reshoots this December

Win the World Fan Bing Bing Gao Yunxiang
A year ago, no one would have expected Fan Bingbing’s comeback drama Win the World to fall so far from grace. However, leading man Gao Yunxiang was arrested due to allegations of sexual harassment in early 2018. In the same year, Fan Bingbing found herself at the center of a tax scandal

On October 8, the board of directors of its production company Talent Television and Film have announced the latest developments in an effort to expedite the broadcast of the show. Starting December 31, Talent Television and Film will make changes that include but are not limited to: reshoots with new settings and reliance on technology and voice dubbing for a new A-list actor. They are setting aside at least 60 million yuan (approx 8m USD) for the changes which include actor’s talent fees. 
If we’re reading this right, this means reshoots that involve major computer work to somehow insert the new actor into previously filmed scenes. It’s actually not that far-fetched considering that it’s been done before. Previous rumors reported that Li Chen might have been the one to replace Gao Yunxiang. Yet so much has changed since then and I’m guessing reshoots will have to be done for both the lead actor and actress? The question is, who will they cast and will the viewing public still be willing to watch? 


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