Love By Yourself Stars Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing and Li Chun

Love By Yourself
Love By Yourself 他其实没有那么爱你, previously known as Love in Shanghai, has just been announced together with its line up of actors tasked to bring the story to life. I find it a bit funny that for a romance, the literal translation to the Chinese title is “he doesn’t love you that much”. From the title alone, I can’t help but think of the 2009 rom-com He’s Just Not That Into You. But thankfully, from the captions the production team included with their announcement, the story is mainly about four women at the prime of their lives seeking happiness and personal fulfillment whilst living in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai. 

Victoria Song, Celina Jade, Zhang Jianing and Li Chun are set to play the four modern women who’re out to make the world their oyster – is it a wee bit fanciful to think there’s some Sex and the City (a tamer version) vibes going on here? Spicing up the ladies’ lives as potential beaus are Zheng Kai, Tony Yang Yoning, David Wang YaoqingShawn Huang Zheng, Wang Dongxin, Shi An and Zhang Haowei. Veteran actor Han Tongsheng rounds up the cast.
The ladies –
victoria song
celina jade chinese drama
zhang jianing
li chun
And the gentlemen.
Love By Yourself zheng kai
love in shanghai romance
love in shanghai romance
love in shanghai romance
love in shanghai romance
love in shanghai romance
love in shanghai romance
Who do you guys think will be paired up with each other?
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