Viann Zhang Xinyu Debuts Cropped ‘Do

viann zhang xinyu
Does the term “less is more” also apply to hair? Gorgeous actress Viann Zhang Xinyu has always had long hair in her dramas. She’s often played the wuxia heroine or villain and even looked stunning in long flowy locks for UntouchableLovers where she plays a male character. So it was a huge surprise to see the actress photographed at the airport with short tousled locks!

he jie cut viann zhang hair
Does anyone of you remember her teary reaction when her husband (he wasn’t her husband then though) cut her hair on the show Dog Partner 奇兵神犬? Well this new haircut is even shorter!
The actress has been roped in to play the second lead in the new workplace romance drama Love Advanced Customization 爱情高级定 which stars Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang Jingyu. Given that the drama is currently filming, could it be for her role as Qin Qing? She’s been spottedat the kick off ceremony with her hair already cut short too.
viann zhang xinyu cropped haircut
In all honesty, if the reports didn’t identify the person in the airport photograph as Viann, I would’ve thought it was an actor they were chasing since the photo captured her with big oversized glasses and a sporty ensemble. But what do you guys think? Viann has the bone structure to pull off a short ‘do although I’m still on the fence with the boy band style bangs. When styled properly though, it works. 
Here are some more beauty shots shared by the actress –
viann zhang xinyu boy cut
viann zhang xinyu short hair
viann zhang xinyu short hair
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