The Love by Hypnotic Kicks Off the Return of Historical Dramas

the love by hypnotic online series
As you may know, there’s been a glaring lack of historical dramas since China previously announced its broadcast plans in celebration of National Day. Luckily, what felt like an eternity of waiting has finally ended. 

the love by hypnotic online series Alen Fang Yilun
The Love by Hypnotic 明月照我心 is a Tencent drama starring Alen Fang Yilun, Ling MeishiLawrence Zhang BohanZhou ZixinDong Yanlei and Ni Hanjin that premiered on October 14. It tells the story of Li Mingyue, a vivacious and childish princess who was forced into marriage with the stoic and reserved Prince of Beixuan, Li Qian. 
the love by hypnotic online series Ling Meishi
Their meeting wasn’t all butterflies and rainbows like their families would expect. It was rather unconventional – basically, your typical love-hate-relationship-between-the-leads plot in almost every arranged-into-marriage themed drama. How predictable redundant. 
the love by hypnotic online series
But it looks like this handsome husband slash enemy of the young princess is hiding a tiiiiiny detail to his life – he has no recollection of his childhood. To Li Qian’s surprise, however, Li Mingyue holds a hidden spell cultivated in her family for generations – hypnosis – which ought to come in handy in many situations. 
the love by hypnotic online series
Although this seems like your typical historical rom-com, it’s a nice feeling to see the pretty, pretty visuals of characters in ancient garb back in the small screens, what more when it’s one that comes with plenty of laughs and heart-fluttering moments. 
the love by hypnotic online series
Lovely Swords Girl is another web drama that recently announced its premiere date. Can we hope that other costume dramas will start airing too? 
the love by hypnotic online series
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