The Glory of Youth Men Starring Li Yifeng and Chen Xingxu Get Crew Cuts

the glory of youth military cdrama
To be in a military drama requires one sacrifice and that’s to say goodbye to your hairstyle. That’s exactly what the men of The Glory of Youth 号手就位 did to make convincing appearances as members of a drama revolving around the People’s Liberation Army. 

Li Yifeng, Chen Xingxu, Duan Bowen and Dong Chunhui proudly shared photos of their new buzz cuts on social media. If you miss Li Yifeng’s mane of glory from his costume dramas or even Chen Xingxu’s in Goodbye My Princess, then I apologize because it seems that they won’t be back in the genre just yet. Since I’ve been seeing quite a handful of military themes lately, not to mention the constant wait for K-actors who have been sent off to active duty, the cropped do has become such a familiar sight. With the cast portraying university students reporting for duty, their new look sure matches the tough-guy persona. 
li yifeng buzz cut
chen xingxu crew cut
the glory of youth cast
the glory of youth cast
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