Song Hye Kyo’s Malicious Online Offenders Forwarded to Prosecution

song hye kyo
In light of recent events involving former f(x) member Sulli’s death which was reportedly buoyed by the nonstop hate and cyberbullying she has received on social media, progress has been made in the case that actress Song Hye Kyo filed against her cyberbullies last July. 

According to the police, two netizens have been forwarded to prosecution on grounds of defamation for writing malicious comments regarding the reason behind Song Hye Kyo’s divorce with Song Joong Ki. Of the 15 individuals, only two were forwarded to the prosecution as the rest had deactivated their accounts and were unidentifiable. 
Well, with the advocacy for ‘freedom of speech’ and the influence of social media in the everyday lives of both celebrities and ordinary people, many come to assume that they can write anything they want regarding a person they see on social media without thought of the consequences. More often than not, it is hurtful and emotionally damaging. 
I’m glad Song Hye Kyo isn’t just sitting back and letting these faceless people throw accusations against her through their screens.
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