Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo Ooze With Chemistry in Somewhere Winter Promos

A picture truly paints a thousand words. 
I can’t tell you just how many possible scenes have ran through my head while looking through the promos for Sandra Ma and Wallace Huo’s new movie Somewhere Winter 大约在冬季. Their chemistry is very apparent and their raw emotions are perfectly captured.

somewhere winter cmovie
From the first poster that depicts Wallace Huo’s captivating smile to the second poster that paints a bleaker picture, Sandra Ma seems to be in shock while a single tear rolls down her cheek. I don’t know why but I felt their pain and it almost feels like we should be expecting a myriad of emotions as Sandra Ma says, “I believe that everyone has that someone in their lifetime whom they love very much but cannot be with. It’s not a kind of regret but a kind of beauty.” Sandra Ma takes on the challenge of playing someone who’s 19 years old and ages close to their fifties. 
somewhere winter cmovie sandra ma sichun
Somewhere Winter tells the story of a girl who grew up in another country and is estranged from her mother. When her father passes away, she returns to their hometown in Beijing where she begins to see her mother in a different light. One song will connect the two generations together, but if you ask me in what way and how Wallace Huo fits in all of this then that’s what we’re going to find out once the movie hit theaters on November 15. The official tag line for the movie is One song. Two generations. Three Cities
somewhere winter cmovie wallace huo
Ever since Love Me If You Dare, I’ve been hoping for a reunion project for these two because their on-screen romance was just freakin’ amazing. I’m so excited. Also in the cast are Wei Daxun, Zhang Yao, Austin Lin Bo-hong, Vicky Chen Wenqi and Patty Hou.
somewhere winter cmovie
somewhere winter cmovie wei daxun
somewhere winter cmovie
somewhere winter cmovie austin lin
somewhere winter cmovie vicky chen wenqi
somewhere winter cmovie patty hou
somewhere winter cmovie
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