Republican Drama The Heritage Starring Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan Begins Filming

the heritage booting ceremony
Okay it really IS a Story of Yanxi Palace reunion now that it’s been confirmed Emperor Qianlong actor Nie Yuan, is also onboard the new Republican drama The Heritage 传家. About a prominent Shanghai family’s struggle to determine who will be inheriting the family’s department store business, the drama follows three sisters as they try to outshine each other in the bid to be the heir. 

the heritage booting ceremony
Actress Zhang Nan who previously played smaller supporting roles will now be moving up to leading lady status to join Qin Lan and Wu Jinyan in playing the embattled sisters. Han GengNie Yuan and Zheng Kai make up their leading men.  
They are joined by an assortment of cast consisting of Liu Jun, Miao Pu, Zhang Yijie, Zhang Yixi, Wang Xichao, Fang Anna, He Fengtian, Nina Wang Keru and He Jiayi. Incidentally, the drama will mark the fourth time Wu Jinyan and Nie Yuan will be working together. Now I know people say third time’s the charm, but what about the fourth?
han geng the heritage
the heritage Nie Yuan
zheng kai the heritage
With everyone all smiles in the drama’s boot ceremony held today, I guess it’s full steam ahead for The Heritage which will hopefully be in your screens sometime soon!
the heritage booting ceremony
the heritage booting ceremony
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