Potential Costume Dramas to Air in the Last Quarter of 2019

qing yu nian zhang ruoyun
Hey-ho! It seems like time really flies so fast these days and what do you know, we’re already in the last quarter of 2019. Joy of Life got to trending the other day over rumors that it’s set to premiere in November! It’s been a while since restrictions were imposed on historical dramas. For all of you fans of the genre, here is a list of shows that are rumored to air in the following months, granted that it passes the NRTA’s criteria.

1. Joy of Life starring Zhang Ruoyun and Li Qin
A young man who grows up under the care of his adoptive father is secretly the sole survivor of a royal family. As he travels to the capital and a failed assassination attempt on his life takes place, he gets caught in a deadly political struggle. 
royal nirvana
2. Royal Nirvana starring Luo Jin and Li Yitong
Imagine being the Crown Prince, sounds good huh? But while the title and the wealth that comes with it might seem appealing, Royal Nirvana tells a story of a prince who is hated by his own father. The maidservant he falls in love with is trying to kill him, and he is being framed of a murder that he did not commit. Not to mention, there’s a stepbrother out there who is trying to steal the crown. Sounds like his life is tragic which, for some reason, makes me want to watch it more. 
li xian sword dynasty
3. Sword Dynasty starring Li Xian and Li Yitong
A sickly yet ambitious man fights the current regime to stir change in the kingdom. He seeks to overthrow the tyrannical king and perhaps kill him in the process in order to achieve his dreams but he soon meets a woman. I wonder how she will affect his lifelong goal? 
once upon a time there was a spirit blade mountain
4. Once Upon A Time There Was A Spirit Blade Mountain starring Xu Kai and Sandrine Pinna
As the usual xianxia drama goes, our main hero starts his journey towards immortal cultivation while being under the tutelage of his mentor. However, she is a kick-arse woman. I know it’s not uncommon nowadays but I’m really into dramas with strong women compared to damsel-in-distress types. 
great lord
5. Great Ruler starring Roy Wang and Ooyang Nana
What better motivation to be strong than the thought of reuniting with your mother? The main hero’s mother is forced to abandon him because of some awful reasons we will know as the story unfolds. Because of this, he seeks to reunite with her. He goes on an adventure to train himself and accidentally stumbles upon love along the way.
spirit realm
6. Spirit Realm starring Fan Chengcheng and Cheng Xiao
A young man loses his memory but has a heavenly bloodline. The adventure will follow the awakening of his inner strength and how he masters it while dealing with the ins and outs of falling in love. 
handsome siblings
7. Handsome Siblings starring Chen Zheyuan and Hu Yitian
Ever wonder how it feels like to have a twin? Well, the leads of this story are in for a big surprise since they are both oblivious to the fact that the other exists! Because of a crazy plot to exact revenge on their father, a princess from another land separates them at birth. Fate takes over and the two brothers cross paths.
lovely swords girl
8. Lovely Swords Girl starring Jiang Zhenyu and Yang Dongqing
While many of us are having a difficult time finding true love, here is our pretty heroine who is torn between two men in her life. One is her husband who might have married her for superficial reasons but is very much in love with her while the other is her childhood friend who has loved her for the longest time. I wonder who she chooses in the end? 


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