October Brings a New Batch of Chinese Remakes of Japanese, Thai and Korean Classics

pretty proofreader chinese remake
Good dramas are like rare gems, quite difficult to find so it’s not a surprise that when a drama of that kind comes along, it typically gets a second life and more. After all, if we’re all for finding new ways to enjoy the good old classics then what better way than to see new stars giving it a different twist, right? 
Both airing last month, Ten Years Late is yet another drama remake based on the popular manga Asunaro Hakusho by Fumi Saimon while Project S: The Series is a remake of a Thai drama of the same name. It seems that there’s even more in store for October. Without further ado, I present you the list of Chinese drama remakes for this month: 

standing in the time
Standing in the Time (Oct 2 iQIYI, Tencent) 
A remake of the Japanese drama Pretty Proofreader that stars An Yuexi and Xing Zhaolin. It follows the life of an aspiring fashion editor who was coaxed into working for the wrong department. She finds love in the middle of establishing her career. 
i hear your voice chinese remake
No Secrets (Oct 17 Tencent) 
This is probably my favorite from the list. A remake of the Korean drama I Hear Your Voice, it stars Qi Wei and Jin Han and follows the story of a young man with telepathic abilities as he try to help a money-grubbing lawyer.
thai movie First Love chinese remake
thai movie First Love chinese remake
A Little Thing Called First Love (Oct 23 Hunan TV, Mango TV) 
Based on the Thai movie First Love, I have high hopes for this campus drama starring Lai Kuanlin and Zhao Jinmai since the movie really left a mark on me. It’ll take you back to the memory of your first love, first heartbreak, and first time moving on. 
signal chinese remake
Unknown Number (Oct 23 Tencent) 
A Chinese remake of the Korean drama Signal. It stars Li Xiaoran, Du Chun and Wang Tianchen. A rookie profiler gets a call from a detective who lives in the past and they work together to solve murder cases. 
Which drama would you want to have a Chinese remake? Comment below! 


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