Netizens Take Notice of Shen Yue’s Slimmer Look at a Recent Event

shen yue
While here I am trying my best to restrain myself from getting another slice of cake to shred my baby fats, the lovely actress Shen Yue seems to have effortlessly lost a few pounds. 

Shen Yue was a special guest at a brand event hosted by Algologie skin care which was held in Shanghai. From the photos taken, many observed that the actress has lost some weight and naturally got to talking about it online. Compared to the other times that she would receive scrutiny for her fashion choices or negative remarks for her looks, Shen Yue received praise for her slimmer figure from those who acknowledge that she’s actually very pretty. 
shen yue
Shen Yue recently concluded filming her drama opposite Jerry Yan entitled Count Your Lucky Stars where she mentioned that she had to work until the wee hours of the morning for the last day. Hmm, maybe that led to the weight loss? Either way, there’s no understanding the insane beauty standards in C-ent. Truth be told, I think Shen Yue has always been pretty then and now. You go, girl!
shen yue
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