My Robot Boyfriend (2019)

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Humans are out, robots are in! (Er, somewhat)
It seems like robots have been taking over the small screen in recent years. From the hit Manga series, Absolute Boyfriend that had several TV adaptations, to the Korean drama Are you Human? And now director Catherina Tsang is giving us My Robot Boyfriend 我的机器人男友.

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The 40-episode series revolves around a young medical student who was mechanically enhanced by his father after an accident during a medical trip. His father, being a scientist, did all that he could so he won’t lose him, even if it means letting AI take over parts of his son’s body.
Lin Mobai, portrayed by actor-singer Jiang Chao, will have to cope with the demands of normal human life: family, friends, and possibly a romantic relationship! All of these and more while dealing with being half-human, half-robot.
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He will be acting side by side with the lovely Mao Xiatong, who rose to fame because of her numerous supporting roles before taking the lead. She’ll be playing journalism intern, Jiang Mengyan, who after a meet-cute with Chao’s character, fell instantly in love. However, the affection seems unrequited at first so we get to see our heroine win the man’s heart. Hmm, I’m definitely looking forward to learn some wooing skills from this drama! Lol.
my robot boyfriend
This looks like a promising drama for both of them since sci-fi love stories are kinda “in”. Maybe it’s because people find it enthralling to see how a robot, who should have zero emotions, fall in love. Although in this drama, the protagonist is only part cyborg so we’ll see how it plays. Also included in the cast are Li Xiaoran Ning LiLiu TianzuoZheng YimingFang HuiChen Ying and a special starring role for actress Li Xiaoran
Release date on: October 21, 2019 two episodes every Monday to Wednesday 10pm on Zhejiang TV, episodes online 12mn on Tencent
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my robot boyfriend
my robot boyfriend jiang chao
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