Mario Ho Looks Forward To Building A Bigger Family With Wife Ming Xi

mario ho ming xi
After spending some much deserved family time in the hospital, new dad Mario Ho finally made a public appearance and answered some questions from reporters who were present at the hospital. When asked about how he was faring,  he said he was “fantastic, still quite nervous, but super happy” to be promoted to being a father. The most recent addition to the Ho clan made his appearance into the world on October 22, 2019.

As you know, Mario Ho is not the type to do things in half measures – why the dust has barely settled from his extravagant 99,999 roses proposal in May when we heard the news in July that the couple has already registered their marriage. And now, he’s a dad! Being ever the planner though, the newly minted father doesn’t plan on just stopping at one, revealing that he would like to have a big family and one day giving his firstborn Ronaldo some brothers or sisters! How many you ask? Mario said ideally he’d love to have more than three, but then his wife might have some objections with that number since giving birth and raising kids is not an easy feat! Which is why when talk inevitably came around to how he will be rewarding his wife, he said “ I can’t really say, but I reckon it must be a big gift and something she really desires”. Hmm definitely sounds mysterious. And if rumours are to be believed, Mario’s dad the casino tycoon Stanley Ho, has promised cash rewards for his children every time they add to the Ho brood. 
There also seems to be some heated debate online about Mario “rewarding” his wife as netizens weren’t too happy with the term. Mario Ho later on clarified the matter. He never said the term reward and he also added that it’s quite normal for couples to give each other gifts so it’s not any different. The term “reward” was used by the reporter and he only responded in kind.
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