Lin Gengxin Steals Glances at Jay Chou While Sitting Front Row at a Fashion Show

lin gengxin jay chou
Considering that Lin Gengxin just finished filming his latest drama Love and Lost last month, it looks like the earliest that we’ll get to see him back on our screens won’t be till next year so in the meantime, I’ll take any updates that I can get. Luckily, one can always count on Lin Gengxin to have such a hilarious online presence. 

lin gengxin
This time, what got him trending was how he kept stealing glances at Jay Chou while they were seated one person apart as they watched a fashion show. The actor has long been known to be a fan of Jay Chou which makes this fanboy moment all the more endearing especially since Lin Gengxin so nonchalantly pretends to be looking, but not looking. 
While sharing a photo he took with Jay Chou at the event, Lin Gengxin took to social media to say, “No special reason, just wish that you all can be as happy as I am.” 
lin gengxin jay chou wang sicong
Who’d remember that a few months ago, Lin Gengxin couldn’t find a single photo with his idol and asked fans to photoshop one for him. Then there was this moment back then when he casually shook Wang Sicong’s hand before gleefully bowing / shaking Jay Chou’s hand. And then there’s me who’d love to meet either of the two. 
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