Li Ronghao Posts Photo of Dramatic Weight Loss

li ronghao
There’s going on a diet and then there’s GOING ON A DIET. Looking at Li Ronghao’s picture now (which he posted yesterday on his social media), you wouldn’t have guessed he weighed 17.6 pounds heavier just last month! We’ve all seen his official marriage registration photo with now wife Rainie Yang and it’s quite remarkable how much weight he’s lost since then. Granted, he could’ve already lost some of the 17 pounds when they took that picture but with his squarer jaw line it’s a bit harder to tell.

li ronghao weight loss
Naturally, netizens have been wondering what prompted the singer to shed the pounds with most putting their bets on wedding preparations being the cause. Now we’ve all heard about bridal diets – scroll through any wedding related websites and there’ll probably be a section talking about losing weight and getting in shape. Li Ronghao could probably write an entire chapter devoted for grooms with the amount of pounds he lost in a considerably short period of time! Hopefully, his methods involve the right way of doing it – through proper nutrition and exercise.
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