Leon Leong and Eleanor Lee Bring You My Love, Enlighten Me

My Love, Enlighten Me
I’m not sure why things were kept hush hush but after months of speculation, the cast of the new contemporary youth drama My Love, Enlighten Me 暖暖请多指教 has finally been revealed! In the wrap party held yesterday, the entire cast and crew gathered together to send off their “baby” with a bang and audiences can now finally see the faces who will be gracing their screens once the drama airs. 

My Love, Enlighten Me filming wrap
There had been whispers flitting about of the possibility that a F4 member will be playing the male lead, and it turns out that there was a grain of truth to those rumours because Leon Leong is indeed headlining this together with the fresh faced My Poseidon star Eleanor Lee Kaixin. Aside from these two, audiences can also expect to see Pei Zitian, Li Ximeng, Li Mingjun and Xiong Yuting in the production. 
Leon seems to be gravitating to unusual roles recently since his last drama saw him playing an autistic badminton player in the Chinese remake of Project S: Side by Side. In this drama, he will be playing a young genius with a “super memory” summoned back to China to carry out his grandma’s last wish. Eleanor Lee on the other hand plays a 22-year-old forced to rebuild her life from scratch after her idol girl group failed to make a debut.
My Love, Enlighten Me
My Love, Enlighten Me wrap
Love that the cast and crew were pretty tight basing from the extra photos Eleanor posted on her social media –
My Love, Enlighten Me cast
My Love, Enlighten Me cdrama
My Love, Enlighten Me cdrama
My Love, Enlighten Me cdrama behind the scenes
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