Legend of Fei Issues Statement on Rumours of Wang Yibo Being Unprofessional on Set

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Ever since achieving instant fame when their drama The Untamed became a runaway hit this summer, intrigue (and sasaeng fans!) seems to follow its two lead stars Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan everywhere. First there were rumours that fans of both actors were fighting, then there was the incident of Wang Yibo’s personal mobile number being sold by hackers; let’s not forget the close scrutiny any mention of their romantic lives get! Fact of the matter is, gossip and celebrity go hand in hand where these two are concerned.

The latest buzz swirling around Wang Yibo is that he’s already let fame get into his head! According to the rumours, a person claiming to be Wang Yibo’s stand-in for his new drama, Legend of Fei 有翡, has said that it was too tiring filling in for the actor as everyone would wait around for him who’d only arrive after half the day was over. 
legend of fei defends wang yibo
Can you believe that? I’d be totally disappointed if this were true. To quash any more chit-chat about this, the drama’s production has been quick to step in to clear things up and dispel the idle prattle, releasing a statement today denying any unprofessional action from its cast. “All the actors have been nothing but diligent and dedicated professionals. Please disregard the photos circulating around while the cast is filming and only refer to the official photos and statements released by the drama. Any comments about Wang Yibo getting far too big for his boots are all purely rumours so please don’t give them your time of day and please don’t spread them.”  The statement also requests fans and viewers to “respect every actor” and not let these rumours belittle and destroy the actors’ dedication and effort to produce a good drama for viewers. 
So there you have it folks, straight from the horse’s mouth –  no one was acting unprofessionally. But what do you guys think? 
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