Kris Wu and Yang Zi Pair Up for The Golden Hairpin

kris wu yang zi new drama
What happens if you put two stars that have huge fan bases together in one drama? Well, I’m pretty sure it means that there will be plenty of talk about it and that’s exactly what happened with the endless rumors about casting leading up to today!

In a recent Tencent event, it was finally revealed that Kris Wu and Yang Zi (names in the order it was mentioned) are indeed pairing up for a drama based on the novel Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin 簪中录. Retitled as Qing Zan Xing 青簪行, the story follows a female detective with a hidden secret who works a deal to pretend to be a eunuch and help the prince who suffers from a curse. One investigation leads to another and a romance ensues. 
Truth be told, I’m quite cautious about this pair for fear of public reaction. Yang Zi has so many fans and is generally known to be a child star who successfully transitioned into an established actress. There’s no question that Kris Wu has a solid fanbase not just locally but internationally. I’ve been a huge fan from his EXO days up until now but let’s be honest, his acting could use some polishing. 
In a way, this already feels setup for a few possible outcomes where the two leads will be compared against each other. Oh well, who knows, I may be worried over nothing (fingers crossed). Besides, with Yang Zi returning to another costume drama after Ashes of Love and Kris Wu starring in his first drama as a prince, they’re going to look so good!


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