Goodbye My Princess Returns to Youku with 3 More Episodes

goodbye my princess
Goodbye My Princess 东宫 with its compelling romance involving an arranged marriage and forgotten memories was one of the hit dramas earlier this year. While many fans would sing praises about the show, it was not without criticism due to complaints that many important scenes that were filmed had been edited out. Moreover, the series which had been released on streaming site Youku was suddenly taken offline not long after the show ended. The cynic in me thought tha more cut scenes were in order, but it turned out to be the opposite. 

goodbye my princess chen xingxu
After 196 days, Goodbye My Princess has been re-released on Youku for the second time beginning October 28. Instead of the original 52 episodes, it is now 55 episodes long which seems to also be the version that aired in Taiwan and Korea. Noticeable changes can be seen from episode 1 onwards due to additional scenes.
goodbye my princess peng xiaoran
If you’re missing the chemistry between Chen Xingxu and Peng Xiaoran, then I guess it’s time for a rewatch. 
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